Seller's Guide


At our initial meeting, we will review our customized marketing plan to maximize visibility to potential buyers using state-of- the-art tools and a competitive, proactive strategy for the most exposure and minimal problems. We explain your property’s market value and review a comparative market analysis (CMA). We help you understand all selling costs and review your potential net proceeds.


We’ll strategize with our network of skilled and vetted vendors to polish up your property. Together, we’ll work to implement key improvements, ensure alluring curb appeal, stage your space, and take eye-catching photos and videos of your property. Once complete, buyers will have multiple reasons to give your property more than just a passing glance. We will help you arrange to have the major systems in your home inspected to reduce your risk of any surprises when negotiations with a buyer begin and make your transaction smoother.


We’ll leverage industry-leading tech and robust online marketing strategies in combination with tried-and-true techniques like high-quality statements, energetic open houses, and alerting local buyer’s agents to give your property optimum exposure. We will contact you a minimum of weekly to give you an update on the marketing of your home and answer any questions you may have. We will be pulling stats and data to verify the price weekly. We will coordinate open houses, private showings and follow up with REALTORS® that have shown the home to collect leads and feedback. We will help buyer’s agents creatively problem solve to get the offer done.


At this crucial stage, we’ll leverage every negotiation tool in our arsenal to arrive at a price that both you and the buyer can agree on. We’ll also use our expertise to coach you through terms, contingencies, and buyer financing. Once a fair price that meets your selling goals is offered and accepted, we head into escrow. At this point, the buyer must complete all necessary inspections, get their financing approved, and sign all legally mandated disclosure documents.


As we head into escrow, the buyer will complete all necessary inspections, get their financing approved, and sign all legally mandated disclosure documents. If the buyer is purchasing the home with a loan, the lender will be sending an appraiser to assess the value of the property. We work with the appraiser providing comps, neighborhood and market expertise, and lobbying for the highest valuation we can. We’ll keep you in the loop about anything needed during this process. Following the inspection and appraisal, an additional round of negotiations may be required.


We’ll be right by your side during these final steps, engaging with the buyer’s agent and lending institutions to ensure all requirements are met. We manage your transaction to ensure your contract closes on time, which means you can move on time. 95% of our transactions close on or before the date written in the contract, with an industry-standard of less than 50%.


We want to be a resource for everything home long after the transaction is over. Please call us for any recomendations of contractors or projects you may want to do. We always want to be here for you! Our greatest compliment is your recommendation of us to your friends and family. We are connected with the top 1% of agents in the United States. Don’t hesitate to ask if we have someone that can help in another area - we do!

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A vital part of today's industry is technology, and to that end, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art marketing and web tools.

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